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HSSE Policy


As a matter of general policy, custom, tradition and operational efficiency in every company or organization, security is very critical. The same applies to Peewee Marines Limited both amongst our staff, associate partners and communities where we operate.

Peewee Marines Limited believes that employees are its most valuable assets and this cannot be over emphasized as the company cannot succeed without them. It is therefore the company’s policy that a very high safety and uncompromised security standards be observed and maintained at all times in order to safeguard lives of workers in our entire operating environment. The company believes that "Safe and Secured Working Environment equals Happy and Committed Workforce."

Towards this end, the company has hired the services of private security companies. Additionally, the company relates cordially with Nigerian Police and Nigerian Armed Forces, particularly the Nigerian Navy for security of her personnel, assets, platforms and operational areas while executing projects.

Furthermore, the company’s infrastructures, buildings and arenas are well fortified with modern security apparatus, fences and electronic gadgets such as CCTV with the use of trained dogs.

All employees of Peewee Marines Limited as a duty are mandated to must carry out all operations in accordance with our HSSE Policy All activities which any employee believes cannot be carried out in accordance with this policy must be suspended immediately and same be reported to management


  • Protect the lives and promote the health of our work force and not to adversely pose danger to the lives or affect the health of third parties
  • Amply provide qualified security personnel to protect our workers whether onshore or offshore in accordance with SOLAS Convention 1982
  • Possibly avoid acts that could cause injuries to our workers, subcontractors, consultants and third parties who are either involved in or may be affected by the operations of Peewee Marines Limited
  • Reduce to the barest minimum all negative impact of our operations on any environment where we operate
  • Observe and uphold our Principals’ HSSE rules and regulations and ensure that such objectives are achieved
  • Cause all workers to undergo compulsory periodic safety and security trainings that would keep them abreast of hazards, challenges and security threats that could confront them in the course of projects execution
  • Always conduct thorough Security and Hazard Analysis Test through our safety team before the commencement of any project to determine the extent or level of risk and possible threat that may be involved
  • Always provide safety equipment such as Life Jackets, hand gloves, gas masks, helmets, industrial foot wears, jacket and coats to all our employees. And these must be worn during and within operation arenas for safety
  • To always liaise with all relevant Security Agencies of Government especially The Nigeria Police Force and The Nigerian Navy for security back up wherever and whenever the company deems it necessary


  • At Peewee Marines Limited, high emphasis is placed on alcohol, drugs and arms control in consonance with our Health, Security, Safety and Environment policy
  • Consequently, It will constitute an offence for any employee of our company or employees of our partners and sub-contractors to be under the influence of alcohol or to be in possession of any non-prescribed drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine (speed) marijuana, hashish or other illegal drugs and dangerous weapons such as guns, jack knives and any sharp objects except those that are for use in the company during operations.
  • The company will not allow any employee or persons not employees to be in possession of or exchange or distribute or sell any drug or alcohol in the company’s premises or sites whether onshore or offshore
  • Only qualified medical practitioners (Doctors/Nurses) are authorized to administer drugs to employees
  • Only drugs and items approved in the First Aid List is allowed at work place for use by employees where necessary. All cases beyond First Aid must be referred to company’s Doctor and Nurse attached to sites
  • Where First Aid is administered, accurate records of drugs administered to employees with date and purposes must be kept and maintained
  • And to be under the influence of performance enhancing drugs and alcohol within 6 hours before operations and during operations contravenes the company’s policies on Alcohol and Drugs Control and as such will constitute official misconduct which immediately leads to termination of appointment.


  • It is our company’s policy to always carry out our business operations with high regard to our host communities. We avoid anything from our operations that could occasion fatality, serious injury and damage to ecology or properties. We also observe strict compliance to statutory provisions on safety, efficient work methods and equipment deployment by governments
  • At Peewee Marines Limited, we always strive hard to build and sustain cordial relationship with our various host communities. The company creates and develop opportunities for competent and legible youths in such communities who desire and seek to be engaged in employment depending on available vacancies. This gesture has endeared us to our hosts over the years
  • We engage our host communities on regular town hall meetings to review security situations and impact of CSR and company’s operations on the communities and to resolve any conflict.


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